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I have a xubuntu box and using its terminal everything is fine locally; but when I ssh to any server the remote echo seems to be holding the last line until a key is pressed or the window is resized. The issue is not present locally but will affect all utilities that rely on ssh, i.e. git, scp.

the terminal hangs and doesn't show next prompt until a key is pressed

In the screencast at http://www.tmg.it/files/funnyterm.ogv , all commands are ended with a return; I wait 5 seconds between commands. As you can see, the line with my prompt is shown only once I start typing again.

Tests I performed:

  • In a window, the output is updated if I resize it
  • pressing right arrow, or any other non-character keys will update as well
  • same issue appears in a full screen console opened with CTRL-ALT-F1
  • using another terminal i.e. aterm did not solve the issue
  • deleting the .bashrc didn't solve the issue.

scp tests: - scp remotefile localfile works if file < MTU. - tried fiddling with MTU, setting to several values between 1000 and 1600 - no success.

System is up to date xubuntu 13.04 with lamp stack running on i7/6Gb ram/60Gb HDD partition. I first noticed the issue when there was only lamp + eclipse installed.

Other systems in the network and other OS in the same pc do not suffer from this issue. CentOS runs fine in a VM and so does windows 7 both with putty and cygwin.

(since it's ubuntu-related I'm reposting on askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/341176/xubuntu-xterm-strange-lag-echo-issue-with-ssh )

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