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Imagine this, I have managed to get my hands on pre-compiled versions of gcc and make, and the other tools. Now, how do I use them?

Currently, these tools have been stored into a package whith a simulated linux structure. See this:

Kevins-MacBook-Air:Contents Ingwie$ du -d 1 ./System
52120   ./System/bin
2152    ./System/etc
100496  ./System/lib
0           ./System/tmp
341912  ./System/usr
0           ./System/var

I know, or guess that I will have to set C and CPP flags. I also know that I will, somehow, need to instal bison, or anything that I can use for YACC.

So what are the default values? I have got:


I dont know where bison will sit in, but it will sit in somewhere at some point. But an explanation of what the default variables that I need to set for a configure script to take my compilers, would be great. The one ref i found...smells like 1992 >.>;

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