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Who would I ask about the possibility of designing an app or script for utilizing the Mac's highlighting action to frame an area on a blank desktop space to open a new file from a selected editor? It is now programmed to recognize and highlight, for opening with a click, any app, file, or folder in the framed space. Presently the highlight action is coded to draw a highlight box and then hide the highlighted box if no icon is found in the frame.

Why could the highlight action upon an empty space not be coded to linger and open one chosen app (even though the icon is not shown) when clicked? It is all about user interface, having something to write on sitting ready, out of sight, on the desktop, so the mind stays focused on the thought that needs to be written down. No need to change focus from that thought to go through various steps of opening the app from an icon on the Dock, in the Finder or on the desktop.

Who would know something about how feasible something like this would be?

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