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When trying to indent a block of text in an input textfield, for instance to emphasize Markdown code-blocks, the Tab key is already bound to a different action (switching to the next input element).

What is a straightforward way to overcome this issue without using extensions?

I found these two threads, but unfortunately don't have a Numpad, and the answers presume installed extensions or applications:

How to use Tab key to indent within a textfield (instead of jumping to next element)?

Typing the tab character in browser text boxes

Without having a Numpad, one can use the following key-combination on Linux POSIX Systems:


I am looking for something similar on Windows.

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What's wrong with using extensions? – gronostaj Sep 4 '13 at 8:07
If only extensions are disallowed, but not apps, one might make a binding of choice to indentation, via keybinding application. AHK in particular is very light on resources, especially when compiled, and community (their main forum) can basically make it for you, especially since it's a very simple one. – a13ph May 20 '14 at 23:00

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