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If I have an open tab with some page, can I find out where did I found link to that page?

I want answers like:

  • You opened this tab from page XXX
  • You pasted URL in address bar manually

Is there an extension for this?

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You could do it crudely using the referrer (if present).

  1. Menu -> Tools -> Developer Tools
  2. Network -> Scroll to the top item -> Select it
  3. Request Headers -> Referrer: the link you came from here

For Firefox there is an extension called FromWheretoWhere that shows the full history of where each link came from.

It's explained in detail by Ghacks.

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Good. I thought about that, but I knew that Network tab needs page reload to work. But I have tried and saw that page reload preserves Referer header. Thanks. – Marko Kevac Sep 5 '13 at 8:46

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