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I write my social science research papers in Emacs org-mode. I would like to export these either to LaTeX or OpenOffice (to save in MS Word format) and have it look presentable either way, with similar formatting including footnotes, citations and bibliography entries.

Hitting C-c C-e in an org-more file will load the export screen, which does include LaTex exports and they work pretty well. This screen used to also include OpenOffice exports by default in earlier versions of Org, and they can still be enabled (in version 8.1 at least) by running org-export-odt-convert. But these exports do not work well at all. LaTeX tags are unsurpisingly included verbatim rather then processed. This means the bibliography is mising entirely from the OpenOffice file, and the citations and formatting are all wrong.

Is their a solution?

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I installed latex2rtf which may turn out to be an acceptable solution, if I can only figure out how to get it to work... – Brian Z Sep 5 '13 at 1:04
You are using an old version of orgmode. Please get version 8.x, because it comes with a completely new exporter. – Keks Dose Oct 29 '13 at 14:28
I'm now on Org 8.1, will update question / answer accordingly. – Brian Z Oct 29 '13 at 18:17

The best solution I have found so far was to install the package tex4ht. This allows me to run the shell command mk4ht oolatex [filename].tex on the LaTeX file once I export it from org-mode, and this produces an ODT files which looks pretty good in LibreOffice. Apparently this mk4ht command is not compatible with biblatex, but if I use the BiBTeX package natbib instead, it works fine.

Unfortunately, when I save it in MS-Word format, whether DOC or DOCX, the bibliography disappears. But hopefully I can find a further solution to that.

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