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I'm training myself on developing with LDAP. Is there a specific opensource LDAP provider I can install on my local Windows machine to do this? The easier the better.

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If you want to deploy an Open Source LDAPv3 compliant server in Windows (XP, Windows 7, Vista) you have three choices:

  1. OpenLDAP under cygwin. The cygwin installer has done a great job in making the installation a long-winded but very simple process (it can take upwards of 30+ mins to get everything installed) and they have done a terrific job of hiding OpenLDAP (it's under the Libs category in the installer). The major downside is that the OpenLDAP version may not be updated regularly. If you are going to do development, or run other *nix packages under Windows this is the obvious choice.

  2. ApacheDS. Runs under Java and includes a great LDAP Client/Development system called Apache Directory Studio. Superb tool as a client to any system including OpenLDAP. Perhaps a tad complicated to install since it's embedded into the Eclipse development environment (which always likes to complicate things) but well worth the effort.

  3. If you want a simple, single click installation of the current version of OpenLDAP on Windows then you can do no better than OpenLDAP for Windows. It is updated pretty frequently (OpenLDAP 2.4.35 July 2013). It installs Berkley DB (OpenLDAPs database bdb or database hdb), OpenSSL (provides OpenLDAP TLS support) and even Cyrus SASL (provides Kerberos support). We describe its installation below. OpenLDAP does not run as a Windows task but rather runs inside a dos box.

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It looks like OpenLDAP on Windows may be what I'm looking for. I just need a prototype LDAP system to develop under. – monksy Sep 4 '13 at 20:05

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