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I have a Windows service (the Bamboo integration server) that runs a batch file as a subprocess (a build job) of that script. Within that batch file I would like to be able to start a process (let's call it workerprocess.exe) and have that process run in the background. This is all good, I've used:

start "title" /B workerprocess.exe

That is all well and good. The problem is that this then holds up the completion of the build job. So the batch script finishes, but because of the workerprocess.exe subprocess, the service (Bamboo) does not know that it has finished: it still waits for (and displays output from) the workerprocess.exe.

I've looked in the documentation for the start command, and I can't see anything that does what I want. I saw this question but it didn't really help either - the service still ends up waiting for the process to finish.

So I guess in summary: how can I run a new process from a batch script so that it is completely detached and won't hold up anything that happens to be waiting for that batch script to complete.

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Have you tried it without the "/B" parameter so that it doesn't start the process within the same command window? –  Josh R Sep 5 '13 at 2:52
@JoshR, that changed things. The service no longer receives output from the process, but is still blocked by it. –  Jack Scott Sep 5 '13 at 3:02

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Have you tried Hidden Start (HSTART)?

I use it personally to run an hourly batch job with the window hidden. They also mention that you can run commands sequentially as a parameter (or by default, I assume) run asynchronously. I don't know how this will affect your contention on CPU, memory, or disk... but the software also gives you the option to wait some time before performing the action.

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Thanks, this worked a treat! –  Jack Scott Sep 9 '13 at 0:47

Here I've compiled all ways that I know to start a hidden process with batch without external tools.With a ready to use scripts (some of them pretty rich on options) , and all of them form command line.Where is possible also the PID is returned .Used tools are IEXPRESS,SCHTASKS,WScript.Shell,Win32_Process and JScript.Net

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