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I have a Centos 6 system in which I configured vncserver to manage two different screens:

  • the native local screen (the one you can see through the VGA port)
  • a software-only virtual screen (where another instance of X server runs)

I edited the /etc/sysconfig/vncservers file as follows:

VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 800x600"

"myuser" is the actual user enabled to open the virtual screen.

So I'd expect to:

  • connect to the native screen at

  • connect to the virtual screen at

VNC uses progressive available ports in order to accomodate all the managed screens.

However, at the VNC client simply hangs and nothing happens. At the VNC client opens the virtual screen flawlessly

If I change the /etc/sysconfig/vncservers file as follows:

VNCSERVERARGS[2]="-geometry 800x600"

I can connect to the native screen at and to the virtual screen at without any problem.

that's quite confusing... My aim is to map the native screen to port 5900 and the virtual one to 5901

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