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I have quite a complex spreadsheet that boils down to 1 input cell and 1 output cell, and I'd like to graph their relationship as the input is stepped up from say 1 to 100 in steps of 1.

Is this even possible in Excel?

Alternatively is there a way to distill the spreadsheet into a single cell? The final output cell pulls together results from other cells, which in turn pull results from other cells, etc. until the leaf nodes of this graph if you will are all just constant (of which 1 is my input cell)?

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I assume with your second 'distill' question you mean that only your input cell(s) and output cell remain. Of course you can combine all your formulas into one, but it would be a nightmare to understand and maintain. If you e.g. organize your input and output cells into two columns (or even 1) you can hide all the other columns from sight. You could even put your I/O cells on one sheet and the calculations on another. –  Jan Doggen Sep 5 '13 at 10:22
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