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When I mis-type a command, the shell tries to find a package that provides it. How do I disable this feature?


[dave@dave cpp]$ sl
bash: sl: command not found...
Install package 'sl' to provide command 'sl'? [N/y] 

I'd like if if I weren't prompted to install the command.

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Wow, that seems annoying beyond reason! I know Ubuntu uses similar package suggestion, but at least it doesn't end in a prompt. Is this standard in Fedora Desktop? I run Fedora on a server and do not recognize it. – Daniel Andersson Sep 5 '13 at 15:04
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The problem is PackageKitCommandNotFound. Removing it

yum remove PackageKit-command-not-found

should do the trick, according to the mailing list.

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After doing a

yum remove PackageKit-command-not-found

if you get the error,

bash: /usr/libexec/pk-command-not-found: No such file or directory

you will need to add the follow line to ~/.bashrc

unset command_not_found_handle
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Or log out and back in again. It's worth noting that unsetting command_not_found_handle is sufficient even without removing the package. – mattdm Apr 19 at 21:31

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