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Is there a dropbox diff tool/app for Mac?

So what I mean here in an app that highlights visually the difference between versions in a text file you have on dropbox. It would typically have two vertical panels with the documents you are comparing on either side. When you scroll both scroll at the same time. The differences are highlighted.

You would then click the dropbox versions you want to compare, for the dropbox file you selected, and scroll through the differences.

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You could use FileMerge. It is a free tool provided as part of Xcode. It provides an interface very similar to what you are describing. You can find it under the /Developer/Applications/Utilities/ (as of this posting) once XCode is installed.

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Dropbox automatically versions files you save on it. (You can see the versions in the web interface.) It would be nice if there were a tool which could automatically retrieve the previous versions and compare them. FileMerge would require you download both versions. –  Alan Shutko Sep 5 '13 at 20:51
agreed Alan - what I'm really asking for here is something that automatically connects into dropbox - there are heaps of diff tools themselves otherwise –  Greg Sep 5 '13 at 21:44

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