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i want my usb to boot with grub4dos and then using it to format hdd by just choose the number of menu

with only 3-4 step and done example

  1. boot on usb then grub4dos run

  2. choose format or (delete all partition) menu then enter

  3. ask if you sure or not and DONE! (HDD is formated and there is no more partition just "unallocated space")

this is so far that i learn i have try using many tool but it is take too longs time and some is to complicate to use(my work is mainly on format everything in HDD)

chainloader /ODIN/kernel.sys

title reboot

title halt

title format
format ?

i have question that grub4dos they dont have command to format how should i put it in?

is there anyways or any tool to put on grub4dos

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