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I wonder if Windows 7 or Vista's Snipping Tool can capture a screen 10 seconds later, and capture the mouse pointer as well?

The thing is that sometimes we need to capture the thing that "pops up" when the mouse is over it, so in that case, Snippling tool won't seem to work (because the mouse pointer is activating the Snipping tool instead of pointing at the thing to get the "pop up" item). In this case, the key PrtScn on the keyboard can capture the screen to the clipboard, except it won't capture the mouse pointer, which is sometimes wanted...

Is there a way to do that, and possibly say, "capture the screen 10 seconds later, when I am all ready?" thanks.

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No, not using snipping tool :(

In Windows 7, you may have some luck using Problem Steps Recorder, which is free and included.

Either click the Start Orb and type in search "Problem Steps" then click on "Record steps to reproduce a problem", or a lot easier - Go to run (Windows Key+R), and type "PSR"

Click Record, and it should be able to take screen shots at everything on screen that you click on. It combines everything in to a MHT file within a ZIP file, however, you can open up the MHT file and save any of the pictures (that are saved at full resolution).

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Great tip! Thanks. I never knew such a tool existed. I chanced upon this thread trying to find Snagit capture problem of the mouse cursor. – user173399 Sep 26 '14 at 5:42

As per Snipping Tool help file.

  1. Open the snipping tool and Hit <Esc> key to get out of snipping mode.
  2. Setup the screen.
  3. Hit <Ctrl> + <PrtScn>
  4. Perform the snip.

This way, you can still get the open menus or popups or whatever is needed. However, you still won't get the cursor arrow.

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I think you left out the part where you open the print screened image. – Andrew Mao Jan 21 '14 at 23:30
Actually, if you have Snipping Tool open first, hitting <Ctrl> + <PrtScn> will go into snipping mode with the menus open. No need to open up an image file. – Neil Monroe Feb 25 '14 at 17:40

Gadwin printscreen can capture the mouse.

Otherwise, although it might be a hassle, you could use an image manipulation program to paste a mouse image where you want it..?

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At my job, I'm stuck with the snipping tool -- not allowed to install anything else. I came up with a work-around using a special PPT file and the MS Office Picture Manager that allows me to insert mouse pointer, cursor and annotations (a la SnagIt). If anyone is interested, write to david.s.domingo (at) uscg (dot) mil.

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FastStone Capture can capture after a delay and include the mouse pointer.

alt text

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