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I have an old Acer Travelmate c303xmi and the LCD hinge broke. Continued usage without replacing the hing caused the LCD inverter cable to wear and three brown wires were severed.

I've dismantled the laptop and it still runs, although the LCD screen is very dim and the adaptive brightness is currently not responding. The stylus still works.

My question: Does anyone know what the wiring diagram for the LCD inverter cable should be? These are very fine wires, but I've access to expert wiring technicians that could repair them. I originally thought since they were all brown they all might be same. However, with Windows XP upand running and some rough testing with a multimeter on the wires (connected to the mobo) revealed the following. (slightly fluctuating)

  • wire#1 = -9mV
  • wire#2 = -18V
  • wire#2 = -18V

From the LCD side, the wires read the following. (slightly fluctuating):

  • wireA = 300mV
  • wireB = 0.7mV
  • wireC = 300m

Of the red, blue, white, purple, black, green, orange, and yellow wires, there are only four that are brown and three of mine are severed.

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