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I'm dreaming of a Bash script that opens applications and places them in certain workspaces.

For example, I'd like to run a script that:

  • In Workspace 1 opens firefox
  • WS2 - opens term and maximizes it
  • WS3 - opens Sublime Text2 and maximizes it
  • WS4 - opens Pidgin, gpodder, and banshee

Is such a script possible in Ubuntu 13.04 running Cinnamon?

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What OS and window manager? – ernie Sep 6 '13 at 22:24
Just added to post. Cinnamon on Ubuntu 13.04 – Richard Sep 7 '13 at 0:38

Yes, devilspie or wmctrl would do something close to what I'm asking. Link Ubuntu/ Gnome : Open an application in a specific workspace – wingedsubmariner left in the commets by @wingedsubmariner led me to these two utilities.

Essentially to answer the question -- once programs have been opened...

wmctrl -r mozilla -t 0 wmctrl -r mozilla -t 1

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