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My laptop got some virus etc. I have a clean ghost image of the laptop (.gho file) on another drive. I would like to restore the image, but Ghost wouldnt run on XP, it says it needs to be on DOS mode.

So i prepared a boot cd, but the boot cd would not read any drive other than itself.

How do I run Ghost now? All I need to do is, apply the clean ghost image back onto my laptop.

All help appreciated.

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What version of Ghost are you using? –  Russ Warren Jan 29 '10 at 14:44

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Er, this is really not the forum for this--rather, you should post at the sister site, SuperUser.com.

But in short, what you need is a Windows PE bootable disk, like BartPE, Reatogo, or UBCD for Windows (this last one is probably the easiest).

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Ghost can create a boot disk that runs itself. There must be Create a Rescue Disk menu item somewhere in the program.

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