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The delete command will yank the deleted text, but it's not my expected behavior. I just want to delete the text without overwriting my yanked text. Is it possible to change the default behavior with config? PS: I don't want to use another command to achieve it.

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Yes, d and :d[elete] can be confusing because they behave like "Cut".

To make d "really" delete, you must specify the "black hole register" (:help "_):


You can map d to "_d:

nnoremap d "_d

but I'd keep the original command as is, though.

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As romaini said, original command for d is good the way it works and I wouldn't advise to change it.

What you can do though is mapping "_d with <leader>d

In my case leader key is , so instead of pressing "_d I will write ,d

" shortcut to delete in the black hole register
nnoremap <leader>d "_d
vnoremap <leader>d "_d
" shortcut to paste but keeping the current register
vnoremap <leader>p "_dP
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It looks suspiciously like my own vimrc ;-) – romainl Sep 10 '13 at 14:23
Indeed you gave the same answer there I received the tip from a collegue so you probably could be the patient zero :) Thanks for that! – Yannick Sep 11 '13 at 9:23

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