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I run CentOS 6.4. After configuring bridge I am unable to connect to internet through PPPoE Bsnl Dsl. I set up the bridge as follows:


I added BRIDGE= br0 at the end of eth0 file and set Nm_controlled= no. After service network restart I am unable to connect to DSL service.

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A PPPoE connection provides but a single endpoint. Why would you want it to be part of a bridge? (Or is some other device the PPPoE endpoint?) – David Schwartz Sep 9 '13 at 10:42

Any special reason of configuring bridge because PPPoE over DSL broadband wouldn't work on bridging.

If you want you can use virtualization software like VMware for the bridging stuff to run internet on multiple machines.

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Since bootproto = dhcp I found out that for running DSL over bridge one needs to check whether the modem is able to work in bridge mode or not.

I checked my modem configuration and found that it didn't support bridge. I changed my modem and I was able to run DSL over bridge. I was actually connecting two VMs and my root OS to bridge and connecting DSL to bridge.

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