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After my install of Windows 7, Dell Quickset will not download. I used quickset to disable tap to click in Vista. The download from the official dell site starts as a DellDriverDownload application, and then says I have no applications to download.

I have tried synaptics, yet the "Tap to Click" toggle is greyed out and unclickable.

Any suggestions for other drivers/fixes?


Answer: The answer was to download the "pointing stick" driver from Dell Support. Thanks to outsideblasts for the answer

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Same machine here. I didn't install the full quickset, only the touchpad driver. In the drivers page for 1525, look for "Input devices", then the second of the three items: "Dell driver- touchpad/pointing stick". The driver number is R176423.exe. Works well and "Tap to Click" can be disabled through control panel.

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Thank you. I think I found my problem: the Dell Download Manager Application Manager is not compatible with Google Chrome. I tried it in Firefox and it worked well. Thanks again – eqzx Nov 3 '09 at 6:28

I just installed the 64-bit Dell input driver R244796 on the Dell Inspiron 1525, and the scrolling does work. This should work for Windows Vista and 7 64-bit. Here's the link to download:

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OK I found an answer and thought I would share it here. I found this post at the dell support forum and decided to try it and it works!!! My tap click is disabled!! I am soo happy!

Here is the Alps driver from the Vostro 1720 for Windows 7. This is what I am using and it works just fine.


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