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I have a spreadsheet that I use as a 1099 employee. My income changes from week to week and I usually save these spreadsheet and save them (NAME THEM) based on DD/MM and $ amount.

Example: 2-12 - 3-13 $3289.xlsx

The $3289 changes from week to week and I would like that automatically be inserted in the saved file name when I go to save my new file each pay period.

Can I do this with Excel?

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Welcome to SuperUser! Typically users here want to see what you've tried to solve your problem, just so it's clear that you aren't asking "Hey, will someone do my work for me?" If you add a little detail showing what you've tried or what ideas you have but don't know how to implement, you're more likely to get upvotes and answers. –  nixda Sep 8 '13 at 19:02

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