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In my work environment we keep code in SVN repository. I have a personal laptop. And there are remote build servers. Building locally on the laptop, even thou possible, is not a good idea (due to performance).

At the same time I prefer keeping code locally since it seems to work better with IDEs (I tried already NetBeans and now I’m with Eclipse). In particular code indexing speed.

Also I would like to gain local commits and branches the Git provides so I can ease up my work.

Thus my idea was to make a git-svn checkout on the server. Clone it on the laptop. Develop on the laptop branching and committing. In the end pushing back to the server repository. There I will build and test. Possibly iterate. Then finally git-svn commit to the SVN repository.

Yet it didn't work. I failed on pushing back to the server. Git claimed something like that it cannot push to non-bare repository or something like that.

How should I set things up to make it work well? I considered making a bare repository on the server but:

  1. I'm not sure it will work with git-svn
  2. Will I still be able to build on such bare repository?

Another approach I considered was to make the “master checkout” on my laptop and pull changes from the server. But I'm not sure if it will work since I'm not sure if the laptop will be visible for the server for Git access (what would I need for that?).

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