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I have a strange issue that is driving me mad. My girlfriend has a computer with this hardware specs:

Asus P5QL-E Rev.2.05G Sockel 775 Mainboard
Thermaltake 600W
Intel e7500
Corsair ddr2 2x2Gb 800mhz
Gainward Ati HD4850 512mb
Thermaltake Soprano DX

Pointer devices are:

Razer Copperhead 2000dpi
Wacom Tablet

A couple of years ago, both pointer devices started to shake even when not moved, like there was an interference or something else that was disturbing the signal. It was very frustrating, because it affected precision movements (and my girlfriend uses Photoshop).

the shaking become more and more strong, to the point that was impossible to do any pixel-related precision work. Right after the shake peak, the computer stopped working at all, and both motherboard and power supply where replaced.

The new components are:

Asus P5QL-E Rev.2.05G Sockel 775 Mainboard
CoolerMaster M2 SilentPro 720W

We used the same motherboard model for compatibility with the rest of the computer. Everithing seemd fixed, no shake at all, until yesterday, where my girlfriend noticed a sligh shake on both mouse and tablet, and now we fear it might grow again. I have tested both my mouse on her computer (and it shakes) and all her point devices on my computer, and none of them shakes.

I have no more options on how I can fix her problem. There is anything else I can do to fix her issues?

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Have you done any driver/firmware updates? I would be curious if there is a BIOS update to address BUS issues. To narrow down if it is something software related more, you could try running a Linux Live CD to see if the problem persists, if so - it could be BIOS or hardware related. Just a thought, anyway. –  nerdwaller Sep 10 '13 at 14:05
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