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The computer that i own is currently around four years old, that battery has worked perfectly up until the last year, i've been doing a LOT of research recently into why the battery is not working correctly anymore. I get around 3 minutes (literal) of battery life when the power supply is not plugged in. I also receive the 601 Error upon startup. However when i use the HP Assistant to test the battery, it comes back completely fine. Is this a PC error or a Battery Error? Any help would be much appreciated.

Product: WM933EA#ABV Model: dv6-2153ee

Battery Model Number: HZSTNN-LB72

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It honestly just sounds like it might be time to replace the battery. Four years isn't really that bad of a run on a laptop battery, depending on how it was used. –  Josh R Sep 10 '13 at 18:03
I agree with Josh. Batteries can degrade quickly after a certain point, especially if they are in heavy use and never unplugged when not needed. Also, I had one battery fail partially, meaning only one of the six cells was still functioning for whatever reason causing a massive drop in usage time. –  Zerobinary99 Sep 10 '13 at 19:38
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Four years is a long time for a battery to remain functional so only 10 minutes of runtime sound like a battery that has been all used up.

I would recommend checking out SafeBatteries.com for your replacement. They only sell very high capacity replacements that last around 3 -4 years. They use a very high end cell made by Panasionic. I got one for my HP DV6 and got about 3 hrs of runtime vs 2 hrs for the OEM battery.

Cost was about 70, so it was a good price too.

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