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I was earlier using Windows Vista. Since some old but useful application didn't work properly in Windows Vista, I was using Windows XP virtual machine with "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007".

Yesterday I installed windows 7 and I was hoping that same virtual disk image can be used on Windows 7. I checked the website and it says Windows 7 comes with cool new Windows XP mode but I checked and found that it works only if I have hardware-assisted virtualization (which I don't).

So I skipped Windows XP mode and installed so called "Windows Virtual PC" (note: NOT microsoft virtual PC). But it refused to start with the same reason (no hardware assisted virtualization).

Lastly I tried good old "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007". It installed successfully but when I tried to run it, I received an error:

alt text

It gave me an option to check for solutions which I did but it said:

alt text

Windows 7 may be cool but the truth is that I was able to do something yesterday which I cant today. Do you know any solution?

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OK. I googled around a bit and this post told me that I had trouble because I installed "Windows Virtual PC" first and then installed "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007".

It turns out that if "Windows Virtual PC" is installed then "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007" is incompatible with Windows 7 but if you remove former, later works fine.


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+1 Interesting you went through this. It adds a precious bit of information to my notebook; One cannot have both. – A Dwarf Nov 2 '09 at 12:09

Maybe you can try Sun's VirtualBox - it's free and works great on many operating systems.

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Since I already has virtual hard disks created with Virtual PC, I didn't want to start all-over with new software. Fortunately I found the solution. Thanks for the advice though. – Hemant Nov 2 '09 at 10:38
not to worry, VBox supports MSVPC disk images. – Molly7244 Nov 2 '09 at 11:27

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