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ADDITIONAL INFO: I have two sound devices on this machine. The PCI audio card works fine - even the mic w/ skype etc. The only device that doesn't behave is the USB Logitech headset as described below. This device works fine under Window 7 so I know it isn't likely to be hardware or connectivity.

ORIGINAL: Mic works fine until it doesn't.

Noticed this first in Skype but then tried to debug in Audacity which shows levels are fine. This is the case until I start clicking in other applications at which point audacity eventually stops recording.

Tried disabling pulseaudio / restarting which had no effect.

alsa info can be seen here:


Very new to linux - any help greatly appreciated.

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Please provide all information relevant to the question in the question to avoid link rot –  50-3 Sep 10 '13 at 22:01
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