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I want to set up a rule so that any message sent by a certain server (in my case, an internal application server that sends workflow notifications) would be placed into a subfolder. A slight issue is that from header is being set to the email address of the co-worker initiating the change; if I inspect message headers, this is the information I see:

Received: from appserver.example.com (..)
 by mailserver.example.com (..) with Microsoft SMTP Server
From: coworker <coworker@example.com>
Reply-To: coworker <coworker@example.com>
Return-Path: coworker@example.com

So I want to dump all emails sent by appserver.example.com to be filtered. My SMTP terminology is lacking, but I think I may be after filtering by MSA or MTA.

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Try to use "with specific words in the message header" condition by adding

"Received: from appserver.example.com" (without quotes)

as a required phrase.

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