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1TB WD harddisk is detected in laptop but drives not visible on my computer.

Under disk managment drives shown without letters. Right clicking on these drives give 2 options:

  1. Delete volume
  2. Help.

The same harddisk was running well on the same laptop a day before. It is also showing full size of hard drives, Healthy (Primary Partition) etc. (this happened after harddisk usage by guest). Harddisk is new only (about 5 month usage)

Please suggest:

  1. Is there hardware related problem inside harddisk, if so is it repairable?
  2. Is there any option to recover data?
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Have you clicked on "help"? – Xavierjazz Sep 11 '13 at 3:13

I had the same problem and I recovered by using Ubuntu to access and move the data.

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