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  3. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top loads up the first time like a charms. But if I shut it down and try to load it up a second time, I get nothing. Literally nothing. No error, no exception no nothing. I have to reboot to run it again (which is obviously unacceptable)

Any ideas? Suggestions? Something to test?

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I've noticed this happens with applications that do not shutdown properly. Crack open your list of processes and see if it is running - if so, kill it.

If you can kill the process and reopen succesfully, time to troubleshoot why it is not closing down properly.

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This actually worked, but revealed another problem. If I kill the process, I can then run it one way or the other, but not both. That is, I can open the GUI and run a VM, OR I can run a VM from the command line, but either way, the other will cause an error. This is not acceptable as I have some VMs constantly running, and others I just open for brief periods via the GUI. What the heck caused this? It wasn't always so. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. – aserwin Sep 11 '13 at 19:06

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