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I am an Ubuntu user and I would like to have an older version of Firefox on my system (to enable TiddlyWiki to write to my file system).

I found in Internet the sequence of steps for installation of older version. However, I would like to go a simple way (without saving archives, unpacking them and so on). Is the a command line way to do that. Something like using easy_install or pip? Can I have two version of Firefox on my system?

I am not sure but it seems to me that I need to go in the direction of virtual environments but I do not now how exactly it should be done.

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From here: you can download a number of pre-built portable (meaning they don't need to be installed) Linux applications. There are also several versions of Firefox available for download.

They are built by who give the following procedure:

  1. Download desired application. For example: Firefox 6.0
  2. Run chmod a+x Firefox 6.0
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