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I run irssi on a screen session on a remote server1. This way I'm always online and can catch pings, among other things.

I know that in irssi I can set /IGNORE directives to hide all joins/parts/quits, however that only works for incoming messages. The old messages stay stuck on the screen. I'd prefer not to permanently ignore everything as I prefer keeping the join/part messages on when I'm online.

Now, if I go offline and come back later, there's a flood of blue join/part messages but not so much conversation. Is there any way I can toggle the blue messages — the ones that have already been received — on and off? This way I can quickly skim through the conversation and look for important stuff.

1. I don't have much of a choice, there's a blanket port ban in the institute so I just run irssi on the server where I do my other testing.

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There is crapbuster which does something similar. - irssi::scripts‎
# By Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek
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