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am trying to find out if a live HDMI signal can be fed into an iPad , so that the iPad is becoming a monitor for that live HDMI Video signal feed.

wifi is not an option , because of the delay.

i called apple, and have virtually had 2 contradictory answers, one senior advisor asked the tech dept and came back and said its not possible, no incoming signal is possible, only outgoing.

then the second call they said it would work, hence the data of an SD memory card can be imported , otherwise such imports would not be possible neither.

i would like to find out with a blue prints reasoning what the story is now.

any technical proof what the case is would be greatly appreciated.


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No this will not work, the iPad has not support for HDMI in. It has some support for data transfer via the dock/light connector, but no option for live video inputs like HDMI. – rckoenes Sep 11 '13 at 15:29
If you got a connector from Apple you could do it, or use an app like Splash desktop – heinst Sep 11 '13 at 15:30