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If i have two user accounts open via Chrome Sync, is there anyway for me to close the window of one user account yet still saving the open tabs, so that when i open that particular user account the tabs reopen.

I have tried doing this and it doesn't work. Does this mean that syncing will only work if i quit the whole of Chrome down??

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Editing this because I misunderstood your question. There are a few extensions/plugins em that will allow you to save all of your tabs and sessions to reopen later. That might be a suitable workaround at least.

The open tabs sync between browser installations when you close chrome altogether. Simply closing a window when another is open is treated the same as closing all the tabs in that window and leaving the others open.

Also the window doesn't really belong to either account. Multiple accounts means both will be logged in simultaneously and share much of the resources.

Looks like I'm wrong about that last part; although my experience seemed to indicate otherwise. But here's what google says about it:

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Thanks for the reply. Im going to address each of your paragraphs in turn: 1. Thanks i will probably use this option 2. So the open tabs sync works when chrome opens and closes, rather than during a chrome session, ok got it. 3. I dont think this is correct; I think there is a degree of separation between accounts, surely? – st john smith Sep 12 '13 at 2:59
Hmm see my edit above, I think I was inaccurate. My experience with multiple signins on chrome was kind of a mess in reality. – Neil Neyman Sep 12 '13 at 11:53

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