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I am looking for a way to monitor the network throughput under Windows XP. Is there a native way to do this in XP or will I need a third-party tool? If I must use a third-party tool, are there any open-source options available?

What I have in mind is something small that runs, maybe as a service, and constantly maintains a statistic about the amount of network traffic per time. Later I would then like to inspect at which times the network traffic was highest.

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Please refer to the FAQs on what questions are acceptable here. Product recommendations are off topic – Tog Sep 12 '13 at 9:47

I use Netlimiter for that. Though it's not open source, Netlimiter 2 has become freeware and allows for vast network monitoring. It has a great stat system allowing you to watch network throughput either for the whole network, single applications or IPs. You can customize the stat display for the current day, week, month, year or years, allowing you to monitor your habits over a long time. Netlimiter runs as a service.

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There has two ways to monitor your internet throughput, but I am afraid you can not do this with a third-party program. Fortunately, there are freewares.

  1. By "SNMP". If your gateway or switch supports "SNMP" management. PRTG will be the right tool.

  2. By "port mirroring". If you have a manageable switch, you can setup a mirroring port to mirror all internet traffic to "WFilter". It can monitor internet connections, internet usage and filter internet access. Free version is available.

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