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I have Cisco linksys E900. I need to use this router for my desktop as wireless receiver. My intension is to receive internet connection broadcasted by my Lumia Windows phone.

Is it possible?

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I don't know your specific router model but these devices can usually only act as access points, i.e. they are the hub and not a node in your wireless network. A receiver is a different device. I think you need to make a purchase. – Torben Gundtofte-Bruun Sep 12 '13 at 11:41
You basically want to make the router into an extender which is indeed possible but not with the default firmware. If flashed with the DD-WRT firmware what you want should be possible. A WiFI extender can have 10/100/1000 ports which the E900 as. I would agree with Torben just buying a USB reciever might be easier. – Ramhound Sep 12 '13 at 11:48

The Linksys FAQ for the E900 doesn't mention the option to use it as a wireless repeater, like some other routers support. It can act as a wireless bridge, but apparently only by connecting it to another router's wired Ethernet cable.

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