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I am able to run single hadoop node,while in two node after succesfull connection from master to slave when i ran through i am only getting single live node ,i was expecting slave node as well enter image description here

when i stop all sshd services from master..

Ashish@Ashish-PC /usr/local/hadoop/bin
$ ./stop-all.sh 
stopping jobtracker
Ashish-PC: no tasktracker to stop
slave: no tasktracker to stop
stopping namenode
Ashish-PC: stopping datanode
slave: stopping datanode
Ashish-PC: stopping secondarynamenode

I am here to confuse all though i created the same user Ashish@Ashish-PC(master) and Ashish@slave(slave),i am unable su Ashish from cygwin so i logged in as Ashish in Ashish@Ashish-PC,how can i get two live node even though I am able to communicate but not getting 2 live(slave also) nodes.thank you.

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