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Currently, I am using complete disc structure(HD-DVD) as Input.

eac3to "H:\" which returns:

    - VC-1, 1080i (16:9)
    - E-AC3, 2.0, 48khz
 2) EPISODE1.EVO, 0:49:02
    - VC-1, 1080i (16:9)
    - E-AC3, 2.0, 48khz

What I want to do is "copy" title 1) as is(all video+audio+subs) to Z:\ and the file name to be "PlayAll".

I would like to copy title 1), to a single file named "PlayAll". I know I can demux each track of the title and then remux all the tracks to single title. I do not want to do this.

Alternatively I have tired makemkv for this, but it does not work completely. All the subtitles get corrupted by makemkv.

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1) MakeMKV doesn't work with HD-DVD 2) What do you mean with 'no remux', eac3to makes single Tracks 3) I can't see any subtitle tracks –  Endoro Sep 15 '13 at 7:37
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