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I've been following the guide linked below to enable Hyper-V in Windows 8 so that I can try out a few Linux distros without having to mess around with my UEFI bootloader on my machine, however, this option appear to be unavailable to me. Is this because I am using an OEM version of Windows 8?

According to this guide, the option to enable Hyper-V should be available in the 'Turn Windows features on or off' menu however my menu does not display this option:

enter image description here

I used to use Virtualbox on my Windows 7 machine but thought I had better try the built in functionality of Windows 8 so can someone confirm whether or not I need the Pro version of Windows 8 to do this as there seems to be mixed signals coming from a general Google search on the topic.

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If you have the Core version of Windows 8 you are unlikely going to be able to enable it. I would find a chart that compares features and confirm – Ramhound Sep 13 '13 at 10:14

You need Pro and it has to be 64-bit.

From Microsoft's Windows 8 system requirements:

Client Hyper-V requires a 64-bit system with second level address translation (SLAT) capabilities and additional 2 GB of RAM (Windows 8 Pro only)

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