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In add_in.xlam I have:

Type Quantity
    i As Integer
end type

Sub show_quant(q as Quantiy)
end sub

In another workbook, I do:

Sub load_addin()
    Dim AI As Excel.AddIn
    Set AI = Application.AddIns.Add(Filename:="add_in.xlam")
    AI.Installed = True

    Dim q As Quantity
End Sub

This doesn't work. Excel complains that the User defined type hasn't been defined yet.

So how do you declare variables of a type defined in an add in?

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The only way I've ever been able to get something like that to work is to follow the instructions on this page: Specifically, you have to give the vba project name a new name, and you need to add it as a reference, using that name. The website explains it better.

Another page discussing the same thing: calling-add-in-functions-from-vba

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