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When you right-click on a track in Foobar2000 (v1.2.8) there is a context menu with the items like "Play", "Convert", "Utilities, "Properties" and so on.
I want to add a custom menu item, say "My commands" and there should be inner menu items like "Mark track as unique", "Mark track as rare", etc.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I add custom menu items
  2. How can I write a script to save something to track's metadata (for example, add value "unique" to the comment metadata field).
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Comrade Rollin on foobar's forum helped me out:

Use Masstagger -
To create script: Right click->Tagging->Manage scripts
To use saved scripts: Right click->Tagging->Scripts->...

After that I could just add hot keys for quick access to the scripts.

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