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Is there a setting on Windows 7 that will prevent hibernation while Windows Update is awaiting a reboot to complete installation of an update?

The repeatable scenario behind this is:

  • Windows Update downloads and commences installation of an update in the background
  • No prompt is given for the user to reboot to complete installation of the update
  • The user doesn't notice that an update has occurred and hibernates the PC
  • On attempting to awaken, the PC just sits with a black screen, never reaching a user prompt, never giving a message.
  • The PC is hard rebooted - Holding the power button to crash it off
  • Reboot normally
  • On login the message "Updates failed to install" appears

The PCs (more than one) have the latest BIOS and both OS and applications are up to date - at least as far as the current installation.

If hibernation could be stopped when and only when an update reboot is required, the user wouldn't moan about losing work.

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schedule the updates to a time when the computer is powered on/in use therefore avoiding hibernation? – Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Sep 15 '13 at 12:50

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