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I am using Windows XP under VirtualBox and using a hard disk from a .hdd format file. My problem is, even after trying hard, I can't resize my hard disk.

Can anyone help me to resize my VirtualBox hard disk in .hdd (not .vdi) format? Or converting .hdd to .vdi format?

My primary OS is Ubuntu 12.04.

PS: VboxManage modifyhd XXX.vdi --resize YYYY does not work for .hdd format.

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possible duplicate of Increase of virtualbox disk size – Traveling Tech Guy Sep 15 '13 at 18:04
@TravelingTechGuy~ You missed the main point. that is the answer for increasing the hard-disk for VboxManage modifyhd Mint .vdi --resize 20480. My requirement is for .hdd format the one used in Mac. – ikis Sep 15 '13 at 18:52

Found the following solution:

.hdd cannot be managed by any of VirtualBox Tools since the documentations for .hhd format are not maintained within VirtualBox (but with Parallels, so easy to work with .HDD format in Mac OS X).

  • Go to File, select VirtualBox Manager.
  • Select the .hdd disk and select Clone
  • In the destination format choose .vdi and perform cloning.
  • Use VboxManage modifyhd XXX.vdi --resize YYYY from terminal to increase the disk size.
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I'm not aware of any utilities within virtualbox to resize a .HDD file. I would create a new .HDD file and use dd to clone the drive to a larger one. Then delete the old. This is also a great way to move a physical HDD to a virtual HDD.

This method is slow but very effective.

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Do you know how to convert .hdd to .vdi format? – ikis Sep 15 '13 at 19:49

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