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I have a server running CentOS. I can access my files through Samba or SCP, on Windows or Linux clients, without too much problem. But I have 4TB of unsorted data that I really need to start some work on. The work consists of merely moving files and folders in the correct tree, but they don't change filesystem. This means that if moving the folder/file is done locally, the change is instantaneous, as essentially, you are just changing the file/folder link meta data.

I found this article about twin panels for Linux. This should seriously speed my work up, if this was run locally.

But I would prefer if I could run this remotely, rather than locally. It's more convenient, and if you are going to work on this for several days, you might as well sit behind a comfortable client PC.

Does anyone have any suggestions for twin panel file management software, that runs queries remotely?

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