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I have a Inkscape/SVG/PDF pattern in CMYK (solid yellow, magenta colours) and would like to print my design with a Epson Workforce 7010 which uses CMYK inks.

I've read that printer data is sent in RGB format and then the printer reconverts it to it's own CMYK profile, so in my case it is CMYK -> RGB -> Printer's CMYK

Is there any way to guarantee the printer use only a single colour cartridge (magenta, yellow, cyan) when printing?

The reason is I have some special metallic ink which I've filled into a magenta cartridge. So when I design with magenta I am printing with this ink. I need the printer to not mix in any other inks.

Any tips or hacks would be great.

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Have you tried printing a sample to see if you're getting your desired results without modification? –  50-3 Sep 16 '13 at 12:48

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