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I've got a website which is only available on Mac. I tried with different Windows and Linux computers. When I use ping, it gives me a timeout. Strangely enough the website is fully operational on every Mac OS X computer.

DNS is set to Google DNS ( and

Google Chrome gives me: Google Chrome could not find antwerpevents.be. Firefox gives me: The server takes to long to answer.

I use: ping antwerpevents.be and ping Both pings are giving me a timeout. Server is located in Germany, but the hosting service is from Argentinia. Webserver runs on Linux and uses Apache.

ISP port is 80. Mac and Windows are working on the same network. Proxy server is not checked.

Does anyone know what's wrong? Ask me if you need additional information.

Thanks a lot!

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your server is blocking ICMP traffic (I cannot ping it either), but I was able to telnet to port 80, and it returned an HTML document (a 404) to me when I entered 'GET /index.html', so the server is alive, but ping won't help you. do you put in the full url to a page when you access the site from the failing browsers or do you just put in the site name without a page? –  Frank Thomas Sep 16 '13 at 16:36

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