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On this Dilbert strip I've noticed that if with my Firefox 22 I increase the zoom level with Ctrl++, most of the text grows but the image of the comic strip does not. First I thought it's some trick at Dilbert's but tried that on other pages it is the same

Historically I were able to zoom the whole page. Why am I not now? Is this a change in firefox?

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The mozilla support site explains that there is page zoom and text zoom and that while the default is page zoom, you can also switch to text zoom.

To switch to Text Zoom:

  1. Press the Alt key to temporarily bring up the traditional Firefox menus. At the top of the Firefox window, click the View menu, then go to Zoom.
  2. Select Zoom Text Only, which will make the controls only apply to text, not images.

What happened is that I somehow accidentally enabled the use text zoom only.

Untick it, and there I have 'normal' zoom again.

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