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As the title says, when my computer enters S3, pressing any key on my wireless keyboard will wake it from S3, but only a very specific button (the PowerToggle button of the Microsoft Keyboard device profile of Harmony) will wake it from a Remote. I'm curious why this is? (And if there's a way to enable any IR remote button press to wake the computer)

Some further color:

  • I have wake from USB (and other applicable options) enabled in the BIOS
  • In Device Manager, I've enabled "Enable device to wake computer" for the IR Receiver and "Don't let computer power down device" on ALL the USB hubs
  • When firing commands at the IR Receiver (with the original MCE remote included with the IR Receiver or my harmony) a red LED lights on the IR Receiver, but there is no lit red LED on the IR Receiver when ANY command (but the PowerToggle command) is sent while the PC is in S3
  • All USB ports are powered during S3, as noted by my bluetooth dongle that has an included blue LED that is lit in S3 when plugged into all the ports.
  • I have mapped an "Enter" command of the Microsoft Keyboard device to the Harmony remote and when I press it, it reads the same as pressing "Enter" on the keyboard when viewing the Log in EventGhost (both Keyboard.Enter), yet doesn't wake the computer from S3
  • Oddly, when I view Event Viewer and filter System by Power-Troubleshooting EVERY wake from S3 is by "Device -Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V", though I suspect this is related to me having Input Director installed
  • The IR Receiver is brand name Microsoft USB IR receiver and the eHome driver is installed.

Anyways, just curious, if anybody has any further info on this (I'm assuming its something with the IR Receiver's driver), I'd be very appreciative.

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