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This is a bit of my apache2's access log:

329 [16/Sep/2013:16:30:06 +0000]  187   /thumbs/users/avatars/469813865167-thumb-1-1-100-100-1.jpg  
17052 [16/Sep/2013:16:30:07 +0000]  480   /ajax/livedata.php
15807   [16/Sep/2013:16:30:09 +0000]  480   /ajax/livedata.php
19056 [16/Sep/2013:16:30:09 +0000]  480   /ajax/livedata.php
5162930256 [16/Sep/2013:15:04:08 +0000]  50382 /foodlist/
27980 [16/Sep/2013:16:30:11 +0000]  480   /ajax/livedata.php

The first column is %D, which is:

The time taken to serve the request, in microseconds.

The server is working properly. The average time is about ~20000 microseconds. However, for one user, the one with IP, some requests take ridiculously long to process (5162 seconds).

How can I configure apache2 to kill such requests and simply stop processing them? It's definitely a problem with the client, because no other IP causes this.

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