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enter image description here

In a multi-monitor setup of Windows 8.1, both monitors have a Start Button.

How can I configure Windows 8.1 so that only one monitor has the Start Button?

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ask this the developer of this tool, so that he can add it: – magicandre1981 Sep 17 '13 at 4:24

As per: How to hide "Start" button on Windows 8.1 you cannot disable via windows. Plus, none of the solutions appeared to focus on the multi monitor aspect.

I use Ultramon. It is a program I used for nearly 10 years.

After performing the below, I have a task bar on each monitor, only displaying in the taskbar what is displayed on that monitor and no start menu on each monitor except the main monitor.

  1. Properties of task bar. Turn off "show taskbar on all displays" enter image description here

  2. Install ultramon - In options, turn on Smart Taskbar enter image description here

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