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I am out of space in my home folder , where iam currently mirroring this site for the pupose of a cygwin installation in my windows machine using wget from my linux machine.

i am aware that i can continue with interrupted downloads by using "-c" option in wget but ,since there is no space left on the drive and the mirroring doesn't seem to stop i intend to move the partial mirrored content to another drive and resume mirroring.Will this cause the wget to start all over again and render the currently downloaded contents useless ? Is there anything i can do about it or should i start it all over again from a drive with lots of empty space ? I have alredy downloaded more than 1 gb,i am low on my band width and i dont want to take chances.

(ps:currently mirroring is suspended.)

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This is what I did and it works :

  1. Copy the wget log files and paste them in the directory you wish to resume mirroring.(I don't know if it matters at all)
  2. cd to the directory where you wish to resume mirroring.
  3. Resume the mirroring with -c option.
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